Review: Leuchtturm1917 Official Bullet Journal

Review: Leuchtturm1917 Official Bullet Journal

I’ve never really liked or enjoyed regular pre-dated diaries, they didn’t feel free enough, as if I just couldn’t write down my thoughts. But two months ago when I realized that I needed to sort my life out  and that’s when I found bullet journals. It didn’t even take one day for me to go to a bookstore that sells Leuchtturm1917 notebooks to get hands on my first journal.


If you’ve ever seen a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, you know that they are a great quality. They cover looks and feels great. This one is no different. It is a hard cover in beautiful emerald colour (there’s also black available).

It has three bookmarks, black, white and emerald one. Regular notebook has only two.

With every Leuchtturm1917, you get a thank you card, 3 labels for front and 3 labels for the spine for when you want to archive your journal, and a little paper with information about the company and your new notebook.


Once opened, you are welcomed with a Key on the very first page. This is what makes bullet journal different from any other diary / planner. These keys are meant to be used for your rapid logging (explained on one of the pages at the back of the notebook). You also have a few empty ones for you to create your own. For example I use my bujo mainly for school so I have one exclamation mark for a test, two for an exam / final and small clock for a deadline. This makes my logging way quicker and easier.

The next page is for your name and contact in case you lost it.

The page after is filled with a few tips to get you started.

Next four pages are dedicated to an index. You write there every page you write in your journal so it’s easier for you to find it later on. After the index, there are four pages of a future log. Here you write your 12 months and your plans.

The rest of the pages are dotted (the dots are light grey) which is the main thing I like about these notebooks. The dots make writing and drawing easier. I don’t like gridded and lined paper because they tend to destroy the look. These dots are innocent and don’t bother me. And I don’t have to use a ruler when designing my pages.

There are 27 dots from left to right and 39 dots from top to bottom. I have this information written on a sticky note on my first page so whenever I’m designing a monthly spread or something, I can just decide how many dots I want for each day / week.

All the pages are numbered which makes it easier to index.

The last few pages are filled with information, guide and tips and tricks that you can use while starting your first bujo. Also, the very last page is an envelope for you to put some papers, stickers and things like that.

Pen and pencil test

Here’s just preview of the paper quality. It’s an 80 grams paper which is ink proof. So far, none of my pens and markers has bled through, there’s only a ghosting. But once you write on the other side of the paper, you can no longer see it.

My pages

Here are some example pages that I have in mine. I have a SNS tracker and my Online orders tracker.

There are so many possibilities, pages and spreads you can create. It’s basically a planner and a diary at one place.


I love, love, love Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. They are an amazing quality. They are practical and you can use them for everything, not just buller journalling. I highly recommend them and starting your own bujo, it can help you a lot.

You can get your own on Bullet Journal or Leuchtturm1917 websites.

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