DIY Board reflector

DIY Board reflector

In need of bounce lighting? Here’s some cheap, quick and easy way to diy your own reflector.

You will need

All you need for this is some cardboard (I used the cut out rectangles from a box I used for my lightbox), any PVA glue, paintbrush and aluminium foil (I’m using my old hair dye foil – regular foil that is just pre-cut into one loong stripe).

IMG_2040 IMG_2072 IMG_2074


Simply take your cardboard and coat one side with glue, then cover it with the aluminium foil and smooth it out. Flip the board and glue down the foil flaps. Let it dry completely and voila! You’re done!

diy - reflector

The way I use my reflectors is that I put two of them on the sides of my lightbox while having a lamp over the top. So the light from the lamp goes down and mirrors against the two reflectors, making the item appear better in photos.

Where to buy?

You can directly search eBay for the supplies.

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