DIY Lightbox

DIY Lightbox

First step to better product photos.


To make your own lightbox, you will need a few things and the most important thing is a large box. I used the one in which our breadmaker came so it’s pretty big. Next you will need a duct tape, I used black one, permanent marker, ruler, crafting knife, tracing paper, wrapping paper or other background (I used black wrapping paper from Ikea, it’s white on its other side), paperclip and a lamp.

IMG_2041 IMG_2045 IMG_2049 IMG_2054 IMG_2064 IMG_2066 IMG_2067

What you wanna do is take the box and cut off the flaps since we don’t need them. Then mark lines 3 cm from the edges on each side of 3 sides of the box (top and two sides). Cut the inner squares/rectangles with your crafting knife and throw them away (or keep them to make reflecting bounce lighting). Then take your tracing paper and cut three rectangles that will cover the holes. Secure them to the box with duct tape. Cut a long rectangle (mine is 80 cm long) of your background paper (wrapping paper for me). Place it into the box and secure it at the top with paper clip.


Take a lamp and set it so that it lights on the top side.


That’s all, enjoy your infinity effect background.

Inspiration from pinterest, however I used different materials.

Where to buy?

You can directly search eBay for the supplies.

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